Frequently Asked Questions


Are referrals required for OT sessions and yoga classes?

A physician's referral is necessary prior to initial evaluation. Your child's pediatrician will be able to refer your child for occupational therapy evaluation and treatment. 

Yoga classes do not require a referral.

What is an OT evaluation?

The initial evaluation will always include a conversation with parents/caregivers to obtain and discuss medical and social history, strengths and interests, and areas of concern. During the initial evaluation the therapist will also use clinical observations through play to assess your child's abilities. Standardized assessments are typically used to evaluate your child's 'developmental age' and provide scores in order to track progress made during therapy. Following the interview, observation, and standardized testing, therapist, parents, and child (if appropriate) will collaborate on client-centered goals.

Feeding therapy evaluations include clinical assessment of facial structures, oral motor skills, and behavioral/sensory/social responses to different types of foods.

How often/long will my child need therapy?

Once the initial evaluation is complete, therapist will provide a recommedation on frequency and duration of therapy sessions (typically 1-2x/week for 45 or 60 minutes). Children 'graduate' from OT once goals are mastered and parents feel there are no additional concerns. Length of treatment time varies according to several factors including severity of delay(s), consistency of appointments, and compliance with home program.

Am I required to be present during treatment sessions?

A parent or guardian must remain on the property throughout the appointment. Parents are encouraged to observe and/or engage in therapy sessions, whenever beneficial to the child. There will also be 5-10 minutes at the end of each session allotted to parent education and to discuss activities to practice during the week.

Where are you located?

The BOOST Kids clinic is downtown Birmingham on the 1st floor of the Thomas Jefferson Tower. The clinic is in Suite F and the entrance is located on the 17th St. side of the building. There is convenient street parking on both the 2nd Ave. N and 17th St. sides of the building.

The physical address is 1623 2nd Ave. N., Birmingham, AL, 35203. 

The Thomas Jefferson Tower is located 2 blocks away from McWane Science Center and across the street from the Birmingham Police Headquarters.

Do you accept insurance?

BOOST Kids, LLC is currently participating with the following insurance companies: 

 - BlueCrossBlueShield - AL

 - ALLKids

 - United Healthcare

 - Tricare Standard

 - AL Medicaid

 - Multiplan networks

Coverage will depend upon your specific insurance policy.

Please call our office with any questions regarding insurance coverage and pricing. 

All yoga classes require out of pocket payment and are not reimbursable through insurance.