Occupational Therapy (OT)


What is OT?

Most of a child’s daily ‘occupations’ fall into the categories of self-care, play, and school. To participate in these occupations at an age appropriate level, different developmental skills are needed as a child grows! OT evaluates and works toward improving specific skills YOUR child needs to thrive in their daily environments. 

  1. SELF CARE (feeding, dressing, grooming/hygiene)
  2. PLAY (with toys, social skills, imaginative & purposeful play, self-esteem)
  3. SCHOOL (handwriting, drawing, coloring, cutting, attention/focus, self-regulation, following direction)

Would my child benefit from OT?

Your child may benefit from an OT evaluation if you notice one or more of the following:

  • overall developmental delay
  • fine motor delays (strength, grasp patterns, manual dexterity)
  • visual motor and/or visual perceptual delays
  • consistent meltdowns / inability to self-regulate
  • sensory processing delays
  • very picky eating, feeding difficulties
  • poor strength, coordination, balance
  • difficulty executing new activities
  • trouble with handwriting, coloring, drawing, cutting
  • poor attention / inability to focus for appropriate amounts of time

Feeding Therapy

Whether your child has food related sensory sensitivities, oral motor delays, difficulty using utensils, is trying to wean from a feeding tube, or behavior issues related to feeding, BOOST Kids can help! Shea has worked with many children and families to ease meal-time stresses and increase the variety and volume of preferred foods and textures in their diets. 

Shea is certified in the AEIOU Systematic Approach to Pediatric Feeding.  "The AEIOU approach acceptance, exposure, independence, observation and understanding offers a new and highly successful method for integrated treatment of infants and young children with challenging feeding disorders using sensory, oral motor, biomedical and environmental strategies. Five factors in this holistic approach emphasize active participation, independence and shared control."

Integrated Listening Systems

Shea is certified to administer ILS and guide families through the home rental and usage protocol. ILS is a multi-sensory program that is based on the idea of neuroplasticity and can be customized to each individual to address areas including sensory processing, sensory-motor, attention and focus, self-regulation, motor planning and overall coordination, and more! Visit their website to learn more www.integratedlistening.com